Voting Matters

Okay, so apparently I am now doing a random topic in the afternoons this week. I’ll try to zone out of the randomness later on and just focus only on art topics unless if you like them of course. I believe this topic is important and it’s just bringing my blood boil a little today so I’d thought I would share since election day is coming up shortly.

Voting matters. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old. You have a voice. You have a choice. Who cares if other people around you disagree. As the saying goes, go with your gut. If it’s for Hillary, then great. If it’s for Trump, then great. If it’s neither and would rather vote for the neutral party, then great. The most important thing is to not bash on anyone else for being different. That means no name calling, no riots, no fights. Keep it clean.

If you’re religious and believe in a God, then even Jesus Christ says it’s extremely important to vote and participate and know what’s happening in the political world.

But, if you’re not religious, and that’s fine also, it’s still very important to get involved. What you do matters for both yours and your kid’s futures. Are you willing to fight for a better future? And by fight, I do not mean physical fighting. What you do and don’t do matters even when no one is watching.

Also, be careful who you trust as your source. I, on the other hand, never believe a thing until I receive hard facts. It’s hard to get the facts out there. Most of it are just filled with opinions. I actually believe that the entire media population are just democrats, so that’s why you only hear about Trump. What about Hillary? Of course not her, or well very little anyway. The media is a very powerful game. There are no dumb people behind the scenes. But, then again, it’s my opinion. If I’m wrong, then so be it. I’ll accept it and continue moving on. We all have our opinions. We are all human and disagree every now and then, right? Just accept an opinion and move on. Live your own life.

When election day comes, just vote smart. Go with what you believe in. If you side differently than what your family or friends side on, then so be it. Focus on you.

Don’t shame on anyone for siding differently. Don’t start fights with anyone. That will only make things worse.

Are you ready to be the ‘bigger’ person? If you’re not already.


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