What I Would Love about Europe

In honor of my older brother’s 30th birthday today, I have decided to create a list of reasons of why I think Europe would be a perfect spot to visit. I have never been there, so this could be just regular tourist reasons! But, my brother is currently over there as I type. That’s obviously why I chose this topic! Ha! 😀

1. Family heritage. I am mostly German and French with a tint of Irish and who knows what else. I, like many other people, would like to see that native land where I am a part of.

2. Historical places. Yes, I’m a history buff. Whenever I look at pictures, I swear that most of the continent is covered in historical buildings and everything! Landscapes, restaurants, hotels, etc. seems to all have that same pattern. Obviously not all of it of course, but hey can I say?! I’m a tourist afterall!

3. Food. Why not? There’s nothing better than trying out the deliciousness of the food while in the original location, right?

4. Scenery. Seeing photos of what the scenery there is spectacular! It’s nothing like it is in America. The Irish in me would love Ireland with all that green!

5. Culture. I just love learning about different cultures in general. Each one fascinates me. We all could stare at each in disbelief about how weird we all are for being different.

BONUS. Yes I got to have this one here also.

6. My brother! Of course seeing my brother while he’s still in Europe would be ideal! 😀

So, there ya go! My thoughts of why Europe would be cool to visit. Yes, just another tourist, imagine that. Same ole reasons as everyone else! What are your thoughts?


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