So, here it is! The Foot drawing i mentioned in the previous post. Crazy!

I decided to use an easier character and thankfully I did! You will see what Kirby is supposed to look like and then the photo where i pretty much destroyed the photo. Haha. My Kirby looks so scared, so very unlike his usual seemingly happy self.

I feel so much for people who don’t have the use of their own hands. Feet are tough work.

Holiday Craze

The week of Thanksgiving is such a hectic time; there’s so much to do! I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate it. Then I hope you had a great Thursday :mrgreen:. Now, time to move on to a different holiday: Christmas! The colors and decorations are extraordinary.

What’s your favorite part about the holidays?

Different Types of Art

There are many types of art. Remember when you were a kid and thought it was just all about drawing and coloring (or scribbles). Ah fun times! Good memories! I still love that more than anything!

What is art? How many different kinds are there?

  1. Paintings.
  2. Prints.
  3. Drawings.
  4. Photography.
  5. Craft.
  6. Design.
  7. Performance Art.
  8. Mixed Media.
  9. Sculpture.
  10. Mixed Media.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of art in the world. Amazing, right? I love looking at different ones. Which ones do you tend to stay closer to?

Try taking a look at the next building you see as you walk or drive by, whether it’s a house, cafe, or even an office building! Those are types of art. People worked very hard to DESIGN the plans for the building and of course the making of the building. Incredible. Anything you see and touch is a different kind of art. They just think differently. How your smartphone/case looks like is a type of art. People take their time to develop what would look best for their product and society.

There are a lot more than the norm of what people see as art. Take a look around your bedroom – your house – your neighborhood. Art doesn’t have to be all colorful as your usually see them to be. Pretty cool, right?

Another Old Sketchbook Review

Another one?!?! Seriously?! Haha. The week is almost over, so that means this humiliation of mine will also be completed too :D. Well, this type if humiliation anyway 😀

My Perspectives drawing!!! Ah forever long ago. It’s not too bad actually. Shading would be nice though – perhaps I’ll add some soon.