Where Have I Been??

I’ve missed several planned posts these past few days, and I have a reason for it. It’s not a reason anybody wants to have, but it happens. I caught the bug! I was sick the last few days. All my plans ruined! I am not 100% yet, but I truly am getting there again 🙂 I am just thankful it was just for those couple of days (mostly). There will always be more weekends. Plans change daily. We might not like it, but oh well! Gotta love how life works 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a fabulous Monday.


Name That Artist – Reveal

It’s been a week since I opened up the game to Name the Artist.

The artist is the lovely painter FRIDA KAHLO!!!!!!

Did you guess right? If not, that’s ok! At least you tried; that’s the most important thing in life. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a terrific Wednesday so far. Don’t forget to smile today! You never know who’s mood you’d change when you just smile 🙂

Monday Motivation

Hello y’all! 🙂

Good morning! Another week as started. Are you excited?!?! You’ve got this! The most important thing in life is just to try. Try your best. Even if it doesn’t work out, be glad that you still tried it.

Be honest; be brave; be unique; be YOU!

You are a warrior.

Photography Friday – St Patrick’s Day Edition

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!! 🙂

I hope you all are having a very good week and continue having one as well. It’s been a cold one this week, but I’m still remaining positive! It never lasts forever.

In honor of this lovely St Patrick’s day, I would love to give a shout out to this amazing Irish photographer: Richard Mosse. I’m surprised I didn’t look into his work before. Oh well, it’s better late than never, right?

I hope you all have a beautiful day and don’t forget to smile today. A smile goes a long way!

Monday Motivation

If you’re like me, then today is definitely a loads amount of coffee kind of day. It’s alright though. I made it through half the day! Gotta keep the positive :).

Smile and the world smiles back at you. Maybe not all the time, but shrug it off. You are strong enough to handle anything.

My great aunt (grandmother’s sister) passed away on Saturday so it’s been rough in my family. I’m still doing what I can to help out my grandmother during this time. She’s lost another sibling; I can’t even imagine her strength. She’s been through so much. You can learn so much from watching someone go through a loss even if you learn it at least several years later. Seeing that strength helps me to keep on going. People like my grandmother go through so much; it just makes my issues so much smaller. I truly am blessed.

I hope this story helps you to get through today. I wasn’t planning on mentioning my grandmother, but got to love how things happen unexpectedly. Just because Mondays are not my favorite day, there are far worse things out there.

Keep on shining.

A Different Kind of Art

Music. We all share a love for music. It could be country, classical, jazz, folk, rap, hip hop, pop, rock, religious or any other genre. The truth is music is and always will be a big part of our lives. We all react to it. We all find peace and comfort in it. It doesn’t matter the genre. We’re all the same, yet we’re all different at the same time.

The point is don’t hate on others for choosing something different than what you decide. What’s good for you isn’t necessarily good for others. We all have our different opinions. So, just respect it and move on. The craziness of the art world is real: competition of being better than others. Focus on you. We’re all going to think differently. Life is so much more free when we’re not too busy competing over every little thing.

Enjoy the little things and respect each other for being different.