Art of Different Cultures

I have an obsession with learning about the 19th century. The clothes, the history, the medicine; you name it, I’m interested in learning from that time period. I have focused my attention lately on the different artworks that were created during this time. Yes, I realize every single artist has their own unique style, but they could also differ by the country they reside in. In Africa, their primary focus was on sculptures, which I’m not complaining since they are very lovely!

I have decided to focus on three different countries: America, Australia, and Europe. The styles of three different artists from those said countries. All of which are landscapes (no surprise there).

Take a look at these three paintings. You really could learn from other cultures just by the different art you see. Again, everyone does have their own unique style, just like the cultures.

American 2New Hampshire and School’s Out – John Frederick Kensett (America)AustraliaAustralian Landscape with Cattle – John Glover (Europe)EuropeA Clump of Trees – Constant Troyon (Europe)

Very interesting. It truly makes you think about other cultures, or am I the only one?

Photography Friday

Today’s special shout out goes to the legendary award winning landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

Many different extraordinary photos. I love his style and how his mind and eyes worked. He was definitely a brilliant man.

I love black and white photography, and that’s probably why most of my photos are coming out as black and white :). There’s something special with it. He saw that too.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Happy Monday!

Hello! Hola! Hello sign in ASL, or any other language I don’t know about! Haha

I hope you all are doing well on this fabulous (yet cloudy) Monday. It rained the entire weekend here!!! But, I’m not complaining. The more rain that comes, then the more green the grass and leaves become! It looks beautiful! 😊😊😊

Here’s some advice to get you through today:

Complain less, laugh often, and love more.

You never know what you have until you don’t have it anymore.

Be the sun! Shine away! Be the light in the dark.

Earth Day Celebration


I hope you all are having a beautiful day. I would have been celebrating today at one of the many parks here, but that changed rapidly. So, a lazy day watching the good ole thunderstorm will do. I love storms! This was definitely a perfect way to celebrate the birthday of this marvelous Earth. This planet IS important, no matter what people say. We all live here, so might as well take care of it or else where will we all be then?

In honor of this special day, I hope you enjoy these photos that I have taken recently. Appreciate what’s in front of you. There is more beauty out there that meets the eye.

Again, happy Earth day and happy Saturday! Don’t forget to smile big and proud. You never know whos day you will change just by that. You are enough to change the world. Big or small. One person or many. All it takes is one.


 I have a game for you: let’s bring about more happiness and cheer in the world! I’m honestly tired of all those news reports and even many people complaining about the little things. 

So, name at least one thing that makes you extremely happy! Your child, your job, your breakfast, your car, a tiny magnet, a plant, your camera, the time you leave to go home for the day, or anything else! Big or small, it’s there. It’s there and alive and full of magic! Find that happiness and think about it all day! 🙂

You’ve got this!


There is so much chaos anywhere you turn especially nowadays. We take so much for granted. 

Insurance rates suck? Housing sucks? Bills suck? Politics suck?

Who cares!

There are many people in the world who don’t even have shelter or food and they don’t even know where their next meal will come from.

Take a look around. Most likely, you have a job, a loving family, a roof over your head, and food in your belly. That’s all we need! Yes, families do fight, jobs can be stressful, and other circumstances may occur. We’re human; they can happen.

It’s what your attitude about them that matters.

It’s only life. Every situation is temporary. Everyone and everything.

Don’t give up. Open your eyes. The magic is already there.

Monday Motivation

So, as I am doing my usual tree watching (no surprise there), I realized something. We all should learn a thing or two from trees. They go through many changes over the seasons from changing color to losing their leaves to regaining their leaves again. Their “ugly” state is in winter where they are nothing except bare, but they always remain standing! Yes, I know some storms could knock them down, but most likely, they just remain.

Let’s learn from nature. Stand tall and face any changes with tremendous courage! You’ve got this!