Give Thanks

Ephesians 5:20

“And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

A whole lot of wisdom in just one verse. I will explain what I received from this. We are not self-made. We each have a creator. We’re all beautiful creatures just by who we are. Love yourself because God loves you truly.

Never forget to thank Him always, big or small, they’re all important. The bad things could teach us a lesson and make us even stronger if we let it. The good things, well, are blessings, and who doesn’t love blessings?

Thank God for everything, big or small. Food, shelter, love, family, fights, and pain. Always look up to the Lord and give thanks. He put you there for a reason. We may never know what the reason truly is, but be thankful to have the chance.

Giving thanks for everything leads us to trust Him more, which we all need.

I can honestly say how true these words are to me. I’ve tried them out many times and it leads me into becoming a much more grateful being. I’m glad to be here.

Yes, of course I mess up also, I’m so far from perfect, but I always come back to this verse. It has helped me out so many ways.

Songs That Changed My Life

Music can change any one of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s hip hop, pop, jazz, blues, rock, country or even gospel. We each have a tune that speaks to our soul. That’s what is truly amazing with it. Admire the differences. We’re all different for a reason.

I will share the top 3 songs that truly changed my life and outlook of everything I do on a daily basis. These Christian songs helped me out for the better and I will forever be grateful for them:

1. If Were Honest by Francesca Battistelli

2. Overcomer by Mandisa

3. Lord I Need You by Matt Maher

There are so much more songs that helped shaped me into becoming I am today, but I believe these songs stuck out the most when I really needed some guidance. I hope the same to you too.

Let me know what songs inspired you the most.



There is so much negativity in the world: the news, social media, coworkers, and even your mindset. Don’t let it consume you. I know what you’re thinking. That it’s easier said than done. I’ve been there. Negativity is very powerful, but so is positivity. It is also everywhere you go! You just have to open your eyes.

In every bad situation you face, think about at least one positive thing about it. If you don’t like a coworker, try to come up with one good quality. If you dislike your job, try to come up with good things about it. For example, it gives you a paycheck for shelter and food for you and your family.

Take a break. Turn off the news. Turn off social media. Do yoga. Go on a nature walk. Breathe. Relax.

Everyone and everything has at least one good quality. We each just have to dig down and find it. Embrace the good!

Be the change that you want to see in the world.


You are enough to conquer any battle that comes your way. Rise above and walk straight through. Remember your strength.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Never let fear win.

Never let people sabotage that feeling and your self-worth. You matter! Don’t ever let their evil and darkness win you over. Darkness never wins no matter what.

There’s still hope in this world. Help be that hope!

You are enough to handle anything that comes along your path. You are enough to shine light through to the darkness.

Open your eyes. Look up. The magic is already there!


Armed Forces Day

Another day to celebrate our armed forces. They do so much. We often take them for granted. They deserve so much more attention and gratefulness.  I will forever honor them. I will never forget their sacrifice. My heart goes out to each one of them – Army, Marine, Navy, National Guard. Active and reserve, disabled or not, I see the same characteristics in each – brave, intelligent, courageous, and loving. Thank you.


Dick Kramer2
Created by: Dick Kramer
Stuart Brown
Created by: Stuart Brown


Steve Alpert
Created by: Steve Alpert


Mark Churms
Created by: Mark Churms


TGIF – Fabulous Friday

It’s fiiiiiinallllly Friday!!!!

Which means Happy Photography Friday y’all! 😊 This year is going by so fast already! It’s so crazy!!! So, take time to think what truly matters. Your family, your health, gratefulness, happiness, kindness, and love. Surrounding yourself with positive vibes is key! Never let darkness win!!!

Now on to Photography Friday, I have a game for you: Guess the Artist (photography edition). We all know the photo, who took this marvelous piece? 😊

International Museum Day

The day has come!!! I learned earlier this week that International Museum Day is today – May 18th, 2017. Crazy! I’m a little sad I never knew this before 😭😭😭 

I absolutely love museums! But unfortunately, I won’t be able to celebrate this marvelous occasion today. I’ll celebrate it on a different day! 😊

So, if you can, go out and see all the different cultures, history and pieces these places have. They are truly extraordinary! Let me know where you went (either today or in the past). Have an amazing time!

Be kind ~ Be courageous ~ Be unique ~ But most importantly, be YOU!