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Delight’s Fantasy Art

I will be adding a review on any art piece once a week. Let me know what you think. 🙂 This week’s art goes out to the wonderful artist that actually goes by her business name “Delight’s Fantasy Art“. She is a very nice and sweet lady who takes pride and a lot of hard work and dedication to her work. Over 60 years of creating art? Yeah, that should definitely tell you something there. 🙂 For example, Delight’s artistic ability of this dragon artwork is part of a one of a kind adVH eventure. I would know since I recently purchased the dragon masterpeice myself.dragon

Go check out her amazing artwork at let me know what you think 🙂

You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Magics of Creation – Italy

Let’s take a gander over in Italy, shall we. As I go throughy usual stroll through the Etsy shops, I have noticed an elegant peice and I just knew that I had to share. These charcoal drawing didn’t even look like charcoal. It looked like just regular sketches….at first. But, then I focused more. It really is charcoal! Wow! Amazing! I love charcoal art and I thought that I would distinguish between the two. Nope. I was wrong.

I was looking at Magic’s other creations. Unbelievably talented! I love them. They’re totally one of a kind! Well, of course they’re just every day items, but I love how the artist put their own unique spin on them. There’s a lot more unique artwork from this talented artist. I can’t decide which one of them is my new favorite!

Watch out everyone! I might buy all of the items before you arrive on the page! 🙂

Go check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Sharon De Vore – Florida

This week’s review goes out to the lovely Sharon De Vore. When I first saw her artwork, I admit that I was stunned at first. It’s so incredible. I love that she put her own spin into it. Well, I mean that these creations are also just like every day items, but she really put her unique twist onto it.

In my opinion, I could see they have a bit of a distorted shape to the paintings, but hey, no complaints here! I think it works! And definitely fits in well.

For a self-taught artist, I praise you Sharon. Good job! Keep it up! I can’t wait to see more.

Feel free to take a look at her creations for yourself and type a comment which one you like most.

You can check out her work at:

Twitter: @CZSharon


Another week, another review! This time will be on something other than paintings and drawings. I know that’s the theme I have going here, but I couldn’t let this pass up. OK, here it is! Do you like reading? Does your children like to read? If you haven’t guessed it by now, it is a book! But, it’s definitely not like any other book you see out there. If you have children, then these will be the perfect book.

OK, I know what you’re thinking: get to the point already! 🙂

This company is called SewASied. The artist is Melanie Siedenstrang based in Jackson, Tennessee. She actually calls them quiet books and busy books. They keep children busy! 🙂 Her books deal more with hands-on experiences for children. One example includes the matching up of the shapes. That’s neat! Another deals with chain links. I thought that was cool so children could learn all about those chain link “necklaces” that we used to make as children. My personal favorite is actually the bead counting quiet book. Yes, it looks like it could get messy with those beads around, but it sure looks like a fun learning experience to practice their number skills. Each one of them are color coded so their little imaginations can go all out with the beads!

I added SewASied because art comes in all shapes and sizes. I believe this is a wonderful idea that Melanie has created and she has done a great job creating these books. Her prices aren’t bad either since they are homemade.

Well done Melanie! 🙂



Wow. Very impressive.

Yes, when I first saw the name, I apparently had a “blonde moment” trying to figure it out. It’s still practically origami, so duh! Haha silly me.

Okay, back to Mei’s incredible work. Unique and intricate details – well done. I love books and art, so this is perfect! Many different designs – hard to choose! 🙂 There are more peices than just for books though from mobiles, necklaces, and more! These have really taught me there is a lot more to origami than I thought.

It’s obviously a handmade item.  Materials stated are a hardcover book and love. Aw that’s sweet! They are shipped worldwide from the United Kingdom also.

The price is not so bad at all knowing the materials and the time and effort it takes to make one. I’ll gladly buy one (or a few), so the $40.99+ won’t be any trouble with me.  Just don’t be too picky on what the book will be. All designs could be different for each one which is totally understandable. I would probably look at it of course, but it’s not the true focal point.

In conclusion, this is very well done and Mei has done an extremely awesome job. I will definitely be favoriting her shop.

Take a look at the shop – I am very sure you will not be disappointed! Let me know what you think.

Meiorigami Etsy Shop







Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for any of these. I am just an admirer.