The Art of a Different Language

Do you know another language? Either fluent or at least know a few conversational words other than your home language. It’s so fun to learn different cultures. We’re all so completely different; it’s exciting to dig around what and how others go about simple things.

For me, I know a bit of Spanish (2 years from high school) and a few bilingual acquaintances that help me remember words 😊

I recently gotten myself interested in American Sign Language. I have always been fascinated by the deaf culture and finally was able to start learning a few years ago. It’s so fun! I’m still learning more and more this day!! I’m addicted (hehe).

Learning a new language is tough and takes discipline, but that goes with learning anyway! Any kind of new knowledge is difficult. The key is sticking with it. The age old “practice makes perfect” saying is real!

Learning new languages is a form of art also. Think about it. You’re learning a beautiful new thing – no matter what language it is!

So, go out and embrace this beautiful world! So precious!

Armed Forces Day

Another day to celebrate our armed forces. They do so much. We often take them for granted. They deserve so much more attention and gratefulness.  I will forever honor them. I will never forget their sacrifice. My heart goes out to each one of them – Army, Marine, Navy, National Guard. Active and reserve, disabled or not, I see the same characteristics in each – brave, intelligent, courageous, and loving. Thank you.


Dick Kramer2
Created by: Dick Kramer
Stuart Brown
Created by: Stuart Brown


Steve Alpert
Created by: Steve Alpert


Mark Churms
Created by: Mark Churms


TGIF – Fabulous Friday

It’s fiiiiiinallllly Friday!!!!

Which means Happy Photography Friday y’all! 😊 This year is going by so fast already! It’s so crazy!!! So, take time to think what truly matters. Your family, your health, gratefulness, happiness, kindness, and love. Surrounding yourself with positive vibes is key! Never let darkness win!!!

Now on to Photography Friday, I have a game for you: Guess the Artist (photography edition). We all know the photo, who took this marvelous piece? 😊

International Museum Day

The day has come!!! I learned earlier this week that International Museum Day is today – May 18th, 2017. Crazy! I’m a little sad I never knew this before 😭😭😭 

I absolutely love museums! But unfortunately, I won’t be able to celebrate this marvelous occasion today. I’ll celebrate it on a different day! 😊

So, if you can, go out and see all the different cultures, history and pieces these places have. They are truly extraordinary! Let me know where you went (either today or in the past). Have an amazing time!

Be kind ~ Be courageous ~ Be unique ~ But most importantly, be YOU!

Child Mindset 

Happy Monday y’all! 😊

We all should be learning from children instead of always vice versa. Kids don’t care about the level of knowledge you have or even what you look like. They love you no matter what. As long as you’re nice to them, that’s all that matters!

Another reason we as artists should be learning from them is their artistic side. They don’t care about perfection. Yes, of course, they only want you to show appreciation by it, but who doesn’t? It could only be a few scribbles and they are completely satisfied. What happened to us? We still should have this kind of mindset with out pieces. Children always have a big smile on their face even if it’s just a few scribbles or colored outside the lines. They don’t care! It’s their own creation and that made them happy.

We all should learn by this. Be satisfied with your artwork no matter what it looks like. You created it. Smile big and proud!

Photography Friday – Kindness Challenge

I have a challenge for you. There is so much turmoil and ugliness happening in the world right now, so I would like to do something about it.

In honor of today’s Photography Friday, spread what really counts: kindness. We’re all wrapped up in our own lives. Let’s give back to the community. Smile to others – even to strangers. A smile can truly go a long way. Open the doors for others. Help someone get an item from the top shelf of the store. Clean up the house. Go “above and beyond”. Do whatever you feel like doing to help spread more kindness.

That moment of kindness will be a beautiful photo in your memory for years to come.

Just look up.

What To Do – Free/Budget Friendly

Are you tired of being broke? Don’t you just want to get out and do something, but prices are skyrocketing at an alarming rate. I’ve been there. I totally know the feeling. Every New Year, I would be saying, this is the year I will have a life! And, then of course things come up. Oh goodie.

So, I have came up with a list of things to do during those tough times. I hope you can draw inspiration (if you haven’t already). Some of these are local in my area, but I’m sure you could find some fun things in yours as well!

– Centennial Park. Yes, you would have to pay to go inside the Parthenon there, but the park itself is beautiful!

– Art/Craft Fairs. Most likely free anyway, but of course, it could depend on the event. If not free, then still budget friendly. I love checking these fairs out, even if I would be tempted to buy every item there!

– Tennessee State Museum. Last time I checked this museum has free admission. I hope it’s still the case! 🙂 learn about history without spending a dime!

– City/State Parks. Beautiful destinations!

– Summer Fests. Several different locations. I heard they’re fun, but I’ve never gone to any of them. If the music fest is at a park, then most likely is free.

– Shakespeare festival. I missed this last year!!! I’m so ashamed of myself. It’s free but a $10 donation is suggested.

– Art Crawls. Yes!! Visit your local business also seeing amazing artwork from artists within your community.

– Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival. So much fun! Learn about many different cultures.

– Seasonal Events in Town. Of course each town has their own events going on, so go out and learn a bit of your fellow neighbors and local businesses in the area. Pumpkinfest, Spring Fling, Winter festivals, etc.

I decided to stop at seven. Lucky 7! Seems like a good one to stop at for now 😊 Let me know what you do when you’re trying to save a few dollars!