Another Day, Another Dollar

Another Monday has come! Hurray! I will praise any day I get, no matter what.

If you’re thinking that you’re stuck in a rut, day by day, doing the same ole things over and over again, you are not alone. I felt that way too. But, there’s no point in feeling that way. That feeling of being in a “rut” means security and that is hard to come by with a lot of families. Most likely you are working the same job every day and providing food and shelter for you and possibly your family. That’s amazing! You are doing a lot! Many people don’t even know where their next paycheck will be coming from or even how they will get their next meal. Take a look around. Are you going to bed hungry? What about your kids? Do you live in a home or on the streets? Chances are you are reading this on a fancy smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You are fine then. You’re doing great. Focus on the simple things of life. Appreciate the little things. So, I challenge you today to get rid of that ‘rut’ feeling. You don’t need it. You have most likely plenty of love and security around you.

Look up and enjoy what you have. What you are complaining about, someone else is praying for.

Monday Motivation

Ah, brace yourselves! A new week has started! For most of us anyway.

Here are some words to help you through today:

Darkness never wins – embrace the positivity in every day life.

This is true for many things. If you are in a job you dislike or even around people you dislike, just smile and shine bright! Never let their attitude win you over. You woke up and have a job that pays your bills and gets you by. Just focus on what truly makes you happy.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. It’s not worth it. That ole saying “kill em with kindness” actually goes through my mind a lot. Instead of having people or places get you down and depressed, turn it into a positive! Think about your family, your kids, travel plans, your cup of coffee, or anything else that makes you smile big!

Have a great day! :mrgreen: stay positive and don’t let the darkness win!