Monday Motivation

Happy Monday y’all! 🙂

There’s a lot of negativity around just by looking at the news alone so I understand the struggle im remaining motivated and positive. I’ve been there. But, just never give up. Always have that hope inside you. Always have the mindset that better things are yet to come. You are stronger than ever before! You have gone through many battles and conquered them all. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Keep doing what you’re doing and shine on with positive vibes. Darkness never wins.

Remember who you truly are.

Keep your chin up and shine on!


You are enough to conquer any battle that comes your way. Rise above and walk straight through. Remember your strength.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Never let fear win.

Never let people sabotage that feeling and your self-worth. You matter! Don’t ever let their evil and darkness win you over. Darkness never wins no matter what.

There’s still hope in this world. Help be that hope!

You are enough to handle anything that comes along your path. You are enough to shine light through to the darkness.

Open your eyes. Look up. The magic is already there!



Life happens. We all have been there. Every single one of us has been through some sort of chaotic messes. But, don’t live there. Deal with it and move on. Don’t let it win over your head. You are stronger than what meets the eye. Find the courage to make it through.

Life has many ups and downs. It’s how you deal with it that matters. Your attitude is key.

Find strength in your significant other, your kids, your teachers, your faith, or even from some stranger you’ve met from 20 years ago.

We often hide and don’t take any steps forward through obstacles because we are trapped in fear. Fear is such a powerful word.

Each one of us has strength and courage to get through all the pain and struggles of life. It’s ok to rise.

Be a tree. Stand tall and proud through any storm that comes along your way.

You’ve got this. Stand up and raise your voice.

Monday already??

It’s that time of the week again!! Are you excited?! 🙂

You should be!

You are here. You are alive. You are breathing. Every day is a new day! Embrace it and shine! You’ve made it this far, so what’s stopping you now?? You’re stronger than you realize.

You can beat any obstacle that’s put in front of you. Believe it and take action! You’ve got this!

It doesn’t matter what others think. As long as YOU believe, anything is possible!

Stay strong.

Monday Motivation -Rainy Edition

Ah, another glorious Monday is upon us! April showers is here already and soon the May showers will shine (again!)

You are well. You are healthy. You are unique. You’ve got this! Do not be afraid. Take any obstacle and fight it with a big smile on your face. You are worth anything that comes your way. Every day is a battle. You are strong enough to handle it all (both big and small). Don’t let the negativity win. You are stronger than any of that. Push all the negativity aside! You don’t need that in your life. Rise up and conquer!

You are more brave than any storm that comes in your path. You might have to adjust your plan accordingly, but so be it! There’s always a way!

Monday Motivation

Hello y’all! 🙂

Good morning! Another week as started. Are you excited?!?! You’ve got this! The most important thing in life is just to try. Try your best. Even if it doesn’t work out, be glad that you still tried it.

Be honest; be brave; be unique; be YOU!

You are a warrior.

Monday Motivation

If you’re like me, then today is definitely a loads amount of coffee kind of day. It’s alright though. I made it through half the day! Gotta keep the positive :).

Smile and the world smiles back at you. Maybe not all the time, but shrug it off. You are strong enough to handle anything.

My great aunt (grandmother’s sister) passed away on Saturday so it’s been rough in my family. I’m still doing what I can to help out my grandmother during this time. She’s lost another sibling; I can’t even imagine her strength. She’s been through so much. You can learn so much from watching someone go through a loss even if you learn it at least several years later. Seeing that strength helps me to keep on going. People like my grandmother go through so much; it just makes my issues so much smaller. I truly am blessed.

I hope this story helps you to get through today. I wasn’t planning on mentioning my grandmother, but got to love how things happen unexpectedly. Just because Mondays are not my favorite day, there are far worse things out there.

Keep on shining.